ARUBA - Guardian Group Off-Road Aquathon

Aruba Triathlon Association has organized on 11 februari 2017 the Guardian Group OFF Road Aquathon at Arashi Beach and at the coast of Faro Blanco. 61 athletes  competed in in swimming and running.
The athletes in Sprint Distance had to run 4.4 km, swim 750 m and second  run again of 2.6 km.
28 individual athletes participated and 3adults relay  teams.
The athletes in Super Sprint Distance had a first run of 2.2 km, swim 375 m and second run of 1.3 km.
17 individual athletes participated, 3 kids relay teams and 2 adults relay teams.

Overall Winner Male                         

The Overall Male winners was Renze Postma with a time of  42.40
Second place Giannon Eights with a time of 44.34 and third place Romar Arendsz  with a time of 45.02


Female Open

The Overal Female winner is Linda Smith with a time of  54.56.
Second place Alyssa van den Bosch with a time of  57.56 and third place goes to Sandra Postma with a time of 1.01.04.

View all results here.

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